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(1894) → voir space et ship.
(Programmation) (Date à préciser) À cause de la ressemblance de l’opérateur <=> avec une soucoupe volante vue de profil.

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spaceship \ˈspeɪs.ʃɪp\

  1. (Astronautique) Astronef, vaisseau spatial.
    • "What sort of spaceship do you propose to have?" asked the vice-president.
      "As you have to pass through but little air," said Deepwaters, "I should suggest a short-stroke cylinder of large diameter, with a flat base and dome roof, composed of aluminum, or, still better, of glucinum or beryllium as it is sometimes called, which is twice as good a conductor of electricity as aluminum, four times as strong, and is the lightest of all known metals, having a specific gravity of only two, which last property will be of great use to you, for of course the more weight you have to propel the more apergetic repulsion you will have to develop."
      "I will get some drawing-paper I left outside in my trap," said Ayrault, "when with your ideas we may arrive at something definite," saying which, he left the room.
      — (John Jacob Astor IV, A Journey in Other Worlds, D. Appleton and Co., 1894)
  2. (Programmation) Opérateur comparant deux valeurs en indiquant si la première est plus petite, plus grande, ou égale à la seconde, et représenté par <=> en Perl, PHP et en Ruby.

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