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Du vieil anglais swæþ.

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Singulier Pluriel


  1. Bandage, bande.
  2. (Royaume-Uni) (Au pluriel) Groupe de personnes.
    • Large swathes will be affected by the tax increase.
      De nombreuses personnes seront touchées par la hausse des impôts.
    • United’s stature is such that one result must not bring the immediate announcement of a shift in the balance of power in Manchester - but the swathes of empty seats around Old Trafford and the wave of attacks pouring towards David de Gea’s goal in the second half emphasised that City quite simply have greater firepower and talent in their squad at present. — (Phil McNulty, “Man Utd 1 - 6 Man City”, BBC Sport, 23 octobre 2011)
  3. Variante orthographique de swath.

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Verbe [modifier le wikicode]

Temps Forme
Infinitif to swathe
\Prononciation ?\
Présent simple,
3e pers. sing.
Prétérit swathed
Participe passé swathed
Participe présent swathing
voir conjugaison anglaise


  1. Bander, emmailloter.
    • The head was swathed in linen bands that had been white, but were now stained and discoloured with damp, but of this I shall not speak more, and beneath the chin-cloth the beard had once escaped. — (J. Meade Falkner, Moonfleet, chapitre 4, 1898)

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  • Cet article utilise des informations de l’article du Wiktionnaire en anglais, sous licence CC BY-SA 3.0 : swathe.