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Du latin tranquillus par le moyen français tranquille.

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Nature Forme
Positif tranquil
Comparatif tranquiler
Superlatif tranquilest
Photographie d’un ciel étoilé.
A tranquil night sky. Un ciel nocturne tranquille.

tranquil \ˈtɹæŋ.kwɪl\

  1. Tranquille, calme, serein.
    • Some time passed before I felt tranquil even here: I had a vague dread that wild cattle might be near, or that some sportsman or poacher might discover me. — (Charlotte Brontë, Jane Eyre, 1847, chapter XXVIII)
      Du temps passa avant que je me sentis tranquille même ici : j’avais la crainte indicible qu’un troupeau sauvage pouvait être proche, ou qu’un chasseur ou braconnier me découvre.
  2. Tranquille, calme, paisible.
    • […] that the streams which did form were clear and tranquil because fed by perennial springs from the underground supply; and that in their tranquil waters extensive peat bogs formed. — (Douglas Wilson Johnson, Battlefields of the World War, Western and Southern Fronts: A Study in Military Geography, 1921, page 262)

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Du latin tranquillus.

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  1. Tranquille.