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→ voir trans- et lingual.

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  1. (Linguistique) Multilingue, qui existe en plusieurs langues.
    • The nose's comic potency is enhanced by the Indo-European rootedness of its own name, securing it a pivotal role in translingual games. - English Comedy - Cordner, Holland & Kerrigan (eds) - 1994
  2. Translingue, qui veut dire la même chose dans toutes les langues, on dit aussi transparent ou universel.
    • No is the translingual symbol for the chemistry element nobelium.
  3. Plurilingue, polyglotte, qui contient plusieurs langues dans un même texte.
    • Darien can make translingual jokes - Georges Darien: Robbery and Private Enterprise - W. Redfern - 1985
  4. Multilingue, qui fonctionne avec plusieurs langages informatiques.
    • This receiver, as translator, then performs a kind of "translingual transfer" to encode in a second language a new message that is intended to "mean the same" . . - Translated: Papers on Literary Translation and Translation Studies - James S. Holmes - 1986
  5. (Médecine) Qui concerne toute la langue.
    • Simultaneous recordings of the translingual potential and integrated neural response of the rat. - Chem. Senses - Hech, Welter & DeSimone - 1985