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Du vieil anglais ūtmest, variante de ūtemest, de ūt/ūte et -mest[1]. → voir out et most[1].

Adjectif [modifier le wikicode]

utmost \ˈʌtməʊst\

  1. Le plus grand, extrême.
    • Some of the stuff may be booby-trapped to wreck itself if isn’t handled just so; and how’d we ever make repairs? Hence we’re proceeding with the utmost caution. — (Poul Anderson, Trader to the stars, 1964)
    • "Then she had better come to us," said Lady Bertram, with the utmost composure. (Mansfield Park - Jane Austen)
      « Alors, il sera mieux que ma nièce vienne ici », dit lady Bertram froidement.

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utmost \ˈʌtməʊst\

  1. Possible, maximum
    • To do his upmost.

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