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De Guinea (« Guinée »), une importante source de l’or britannique à l’époque.

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guinea \ˈɡɪn.i\

  1. (Histoire) Guinée, ancienne pièce de monnaie britannique.
  2. (Par extension) (Vieilli) 21 shillings (1,05 livre). Note d’usage : L’utilisation de guinea au lieu de pound (« livre ») avait un air aristocratique.
    • His small stock of money being reduced to twenty-one guineas on his arrival, he sent to England a model, for which he received ten guineas from the Society of Arts; and in 1762 he was further encouraged by a premium of fifty guineas for a marble bas-relief of ‘Timocles conducted before Alexander.’ But the foundation of his future wealth was probably laid by his introduction in Rome to Garrick, by whom he was received with great cordiality. The actor commissioned him to execute a bust, for which twelve guineas ‘in gold’ were paid. — (Walter Armstrong, Nollekens, Joseph (1737-1823), dans Dictionary of National Biography, vol. 41, 1885-1900)

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