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Composé de house (« maison ») et de wife (« épouse »), littéralement « femme de maison ».

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Singulier Pluriel
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Singulier Pluriel

housewife \ˈhaʊs.ˌwaɪf\ (Sens 1), \ˈhʌz.ɪf\ (Sens 2)

  1. Femme au foyer, ménagère.
  2. (Royaume-Uni) (Vieilli) Trousse de couture, boîte à ouvrage.
    • Very pretty souvenirs and inexpensive presents can be made, such as needle-books, housewifes, music-wrappers, bookmarks, watch cases, toilet cases; and the details may be varied according to the taste or means of the maker. — (Marie Ackley Marshall, The Home Guide: A Compendium of Useful Information Pertaining to Every Branch of Domestic and Social Economy: A Manual for Every Household, 1878)

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Trousse de couture :

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