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Anglais[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

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Du latin appositus, participe passé de adponere, composé de ad- et de ponere (« mettre, placer »).

Adjectif[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

Nature Forme
Positif apposite
Comparatif more apposite
Superlatif most apposite


  1. Adéquat, pertinent, bien adapté.
  2. En apposition.
    • In other words, they are used to name, rather than to describe. They are apposite nouns and not adjectives. (University of London. School of Oriental and African Studies, Bulletin of the School of Oriental and African Studies, University of London, volume 34, page 262, 1971)
  3. Connexe, homologue.
    • If the shift in theatrical setting and the shift in dramaturgy are at all related, they are apposite developments, independent yet homologous signs of a changing political and cultural climate. (David Skeele, "All That Monarchs Do": The Obscured Stages of Authority in Pericles, in Pericles: Critical Essays, 2000)

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Singulier Pluriel
/Prononciation ?/
/Prononciation ?/


  1. (Rare) Définition manquante ou à compléter. (Ajouter).
    • Hugh gave the boy apples or other small apposites […] , but the child was too interested in the bishop to notice the gifts. (Charles L. Marson, Hugh, Bishop of Lincoln, 1901)

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Italien[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

Forme d’adjectif[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

apposite /Prononciation ?/

  1. Féminin pluriel de apposito.

Latin[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

Forme d’adjectif[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

apposite /Prononciation ?/

  1. Vocatif masculin singulier de appositus.