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Français[modifier le wikicode]

Étymologie[modifier le wikicode]

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Verbe [modifier le wikicode]

fap \fap\ pronominal invariable (pronominal : se fap)

  1. Se masturber.
    • Les filles se fap souvent ? — (site www.jeuxvideo.com, 6 mars 2015)
    • Notez qu'en cas d'affaire non conclue, il peut toujours «se fap», en français s'adonner à la masturbation. — (site www.liberation.fr, 30 octobre 2014)
    • c'est effectivement impressionnant mais de là à se fap dessus — (site www.journaldugeek.com, 11 octobre 2012)

Anglais[modifier le wikicode]

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Adjectif [modifier le wikicode]

fap \fæp\

  1. (Désuet) saoul, ivre.
    • Bardolph: Why, sir, for my part, I say the gentleman had drunk himself out of his five sentences.
      Evans: It is his ‘five senses’; fie, what the ignorance is!
      Bardolph: And being fap, sir, was, as they say, cashier’d; and so conclusions passed the Careires. — (William Shakespeare, The Merry Wives of Windsor, acte 1, scène 1, 1599)
      • Bardolphe
      Eh bien, monsieur, je dis, pour ma part, que ce gent­leman, à force de boire, avait perdu ses cinq sentences...
      Ses cinq sens ! Fi ! ce que c'est que l'ignorance !
      Et qu'étant 'ivre', il a été, comme on dit, sous la table, et qu'en conclusion il a battu la campagne.

Synonymes[modifier le wikicode]

Onomatopée [modifier le wikicode]

fap \fæp\

  1. Bruit de claquement léger.
    • And next we could clearly hear the squeaky-scrunch of a chain-link fence being scaled and the fap, fap, fap of fast running feet on the dark street that ran between the F&M and the little house. — (Judy Conner, Southern Fried Divorce, 2005)
    • With his paws, he picks up clumps of mud, and, fap, fap, fap, he pats them into the holes Lion made. Fap, fap, fap, he closes them over until there are no holes left. — (Scholastic literacy place, volume 2, 1996)
    • Smiling and eager, he stood on his front step, facing the opening of the gulch, watching the lead pair of dun-colored oxen polod toward him while the sound of the ox whips cracked against the gulch walls – fap! fap! fap! – like a stack of lumber dropping. — (LaVyrle Spencer, Three Complete Novels: The Endearment, Bitter Sweet, Forgiving, 1995)
  2. (Argot Internet) (Vulgaire) Bruit produit lors de la masturbation.
    • She turned to him. “I’m just relieved you weren’t one of the men going fap-fap-fap to my vid. Or were you?” she asked with a stage wink, but his demeanor remained frosty. — (Kresley Cole, Dreams of a Dark Warrior, 2011)

Verbe 1 [modifier le wikicode]

fap \fæp\ transitif

  1. (Extrêmement rare) mettre un employé à la retraite.
    • The original blunder may have been IBM’s, which by “fapping” a good number of employees at the turn of the year unwittingly sent a few interesting patents and smart dudes out of the door. (FAP stand for “financial assistance plan,” the IBM term for early retirement.) — (John Gantz, « Spin-Off Company From IBM Will Revamp Semiconductor Industry », InfoWorld, volume 11, numéro 13, 27 mars 1989)

Verbe 2[modifier le wikicode]

fap \fæp\ intransitif

  1. (Argot Internet) (Vulgaire) se masturber.
    • Many of the men in this online forum attempted to outdo one another by bragging about how many times they had “fapped” that night—a euphemism for masturbation. — (Eric Michael Johnson, « Misogyny Is Not Human Nature », Slate.com, 24 septembre 2014)

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