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 Composé de with et de out, en vieil anglais tardif wiþūtan.

Préposition [modifier le wikicode]

without \wɪð.ˈaʊt\, \wɪθ.ˈaʊt\

  1. Sans.
    • He likes to eat everything without sharing.
      Il aime tout manger sans partager.

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Adverbe [modifier le wikicode]

without \wɪð.ˈaʊt\, \wɪθ.ˈaʊt\

  1. (Désuet) Dehors, hors de, à l’extérieur.
    • Millom Without, localité situé hors du territoire de Millom.
    • “She wanted to go with me. But I convinced her that it was better for her to stand guard without, prepared to help me if I were forced again into the open by what lay behind the rock.” — (Abraham Merritt, The Moon Pool, 1919, éd. 2001, ISBN 0803282680)

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