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De l’anglo-saxon nædl.

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Singulier Pluriel
needles (nom commun 1)
needles (nom commun 2)


  1. Aiguille.
    • The seamstress threaded the needle to sew on a button.
  2. (Botanique) Aiguille (feuille de certains conifères).
    • Pine trees have needles instead of leaves.
  3. (Argot) Seringue.

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Temps Forme
Infinitif to needle
Présent simple,
3e pers. sing.
Prétérit needled
Participe passé needled
Participe présent needling
voir conjugaison anglaise

needle transitif

  1. Percer avec une aiguille, en particulier en couture et en acupuncture.
    • […] the eyes were once more beginning to show the old nystagmus; so I decided to needle the cataracts, and on Jan. 31 I needled the right eye. — (H. Lindo Ferguson, "Operation on Microphthamlmic Eyes", Ophthalmic Review‎, 1892, volume 11, page 48)
    • Possibly the greatest effect is achieved in the hand by needling the thumb, the index finger and the region of the ist and 2nd metacarpal. — (Felix Mann, Reinventing Acupuncture, 2000, page 109)
  2. Asticoter, agacer.
    • Billy needled his sister incessantly about her pimples.
  3. Piquer au vif.
  4. Harceler.
  5. (États-Unis) Corser (une boisson).
    • To needle a drink.

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