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Questions techniques
Cette page est consacrées aux questions techniques du wiktionnaire

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Questions de mars 2023

Global RfC filled to enable global abuse filters on large Wikimedia projects by default[modifier le wikicode]


Apologies for writing in English. Aidez-nous à traduire dans votre langue.

On Meta-Wiki, a set of global abuse filters is maintained by Meta-Wiki's administrators and the stewards. Global abuse filters are a powerful tool designed to fight against long-term abusers that operate cross-wiki. It is especially useful (and often irreplaceable by other means) when a cross-wiki LTA starts to rapidly change IP addresses (when that happens, regular blocks are significantly limited due to the IP hopping).

As of today, all small/medium Wikimedia projects (as-determined by number of articles) are automatically subscribed to global abuse filters. They are not, however, enabled on several Wikimedia projects classified as large (except several large Wikimedia projects who opted-in, such as Wikidata). This makes it possible for global long-term abusers to vandalize a project with no global filters enabled, which makes it significantly more difficult for the Stewards to fight against the abuse.

By this message, I'd like to let you know I submitted a global RfC (request for comments), where I propose enabling global abuse filters on large Wikimedia projects as an opt-out feature. This change will make global abuse filters an even more effective tool for combating long-term abuse at the global level. Please feel free to participate in the discussion, which happens at Meta-Wiki.

Thank you for your time.

--Martin Urbanec (discussion) 12 mars 2023 à 17:15 (UTC)Répondre[répondre]

Questions d’avril 2023

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