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Étymologie[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

De l'anglo-saxon bord.

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Singulier Pluriel

board /bɔː(r)d/

  1. Planche de bois.
  2. Tableau.
  3. Comité.
    • "Bow to the board", said Bumble. Oliver brushed away two or three tears that were lingering in his eyes, and seeing no board but the table, fortunately bowed to that. (Charles Dickens, Oliver Twist, 1837)
  4. (Plus rare) Pension.
  5. Pension complète.
    • Full board, room and board.

Dérivés[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

Verbe[modifier | modifier le wikitexte]

Temps Forme
Infinitif to board
/Prononciation ?/
Présent simple,
3e pers. sing.
Prétérit boarded
Participe passé boarded
Participe présent boarding
voir conjugaison anglaise

board /bɔː(r)d/

  1. Monter à bord de.
    Let's board the train.
  2. Monter dans.
    Let's board the bus.
  3. Loger (dans une pension).
    Are you boarding at the boarding house in town?
  4. (Marine) Aborder.
    • The passengers boarded the cruise ship.
    • The pirates boarded the merchant ship.

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